If you want to know how many people live in Sacramento, you've come to the right place. Whether you want to know the number of people living in a certain neighborhood, know the number of households, or find out how many people own a home, visit their site there are a lot of data available. We'll cover the Census Bureau, Schools, and Homeownership rates in this article.

Census Bureau

The Census Bureau estimates how many people live in the city of Sacramento, California. As of January 1, 2008, the population of the Sacramento area was estimated to be 142.44415. The population of Sacramento is now more diverse than it was in 2000, with only a slight increase in the number of white residents. Asians now make up 16.7% of the population, while the number of Blacks and Hispanics has decreased slightly.

The Census Bureau estimates how many people live in the city of Sacramento, California, based on income. Families with income below the poverty line live in lower-income neighborhoods. These areas are also ranked lower than the national average. However, this doesn't mean that people in Sacramento, CA aren't prosperous. A recent report by the Census Bureau reveals that more than a quarter of Sacramento's population is homeless, and that a fifth of its residents live below the poverty line.


When you're looking for a new place to live in Sacramento, California, consider one of its diverse neighborhoods. From Saturday farmers' markets to the historic Riverfront Historic District, Sacramento has something for everyone. The historic area is a 28-acre national historic district that shows daily life during the Gold Rush. You can tour historic buildings, take train rides, or shop at antique stores. If you're into history, this neighborhood is a must-visit.

This diverse neighborhood is home to the UC Davis Medical Center, which is adjacent to the city. There are plenty of parks and neighborhood parks in the area, and residents enjoy excellent recreational opportunities. Public schools are above-average, and home prices are reasonably affordable. You'll find homes in the Elmhurst area as low as $537,500. And, if you're looking for a unique, urban neighborhood, you may want to check out Land Park, home to over 500 animals.


Interested in pursuing a degree in Sacramento, California? Sacramento's eight higher education institutions offer a variety of programs. California State University, Sacramento, has over 28,000 students and 58 undergraduate majors, and 41 graduate degrees. The campus offers flexible program structures and a variety of learning environments, including online and televised classes. The school also offers a variety of certificate programs and non-traditional programs, including distance learning.

If your son is struggling in school, consider the Heartland Boys Academy. It offers vocational education for boys and a nationally recognized educational program. This boarding school for boys in Sacramento, California, can help a troubled teen transform his attitudes and learn new skills. Its program helps boys discover their true passions and find a path to pursue them. Its location is a convenient option for students from Sacramento, California, as it's close to home.

Homeownership rate

One reason for the high homeownership rate in Sacramento is that there is a high supply of residential construction. Due to laxer zoning regulations, construction can keep up with demand. However, the negative economic conditions are likely to cause the homeownership rate to fall slightly in 2022. This will hurt real estate agents, who rely on residential turnover to make a profit. For this reason, Sacramento is a desirable place to live.

As a result, the Sacramento County homeownership rate varies widely quarter-to-quarter. For decades, Sacramento's homeownership rate was flat or slightly declining, but in 2017 it began to increase. In Q1 of 2022, the Sacramento County homeownership rate was 67.5%, while the statewide rate was 54.2%. Despite the rising homeownership rate in Sacramento County, the statewide rate is still low.

Jewish day schools

In Sacramento, California, a Jewish day school is an important nexus in the community. With approximately 90 students from K-6, Shalom School is the only central congregation in the neighborhood. Walking through the parking lot is a rite of passage for daily banter and community planning. Yet the value of a Jewish day school is not immediately obvious. The existence of a Jewish school in a community is often a marker of vibrancy and social capital for young families.

At Lippman Day School, students are taught in a nurturing environment with state-certified teachers who share the responsibility of their student's education. The school fosters a positive Jewish identity and fosters a spirit of mutual respect between students and teachers. Children are encouraged to pursue personal and civic responsibility, develop positive attitudes, and engage in meaningful work. Its programs are a blend of Jewish and American values. The school welcomes students of all backgrounds, including those with no Jewish background.

Average home value

The median home value in Sacramento, California, is $435,600. Compared to the US median of $376,286 homes in the same city, Sacramento homes are more expensive. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking at the market. The median price in Sacramento is lower than the state average, which is $730,840. As a result, it can be tempting to purchase a home in this region.

While the real estate market in other big cities is extremely competitive, the Sacramento market is somewhat sane. In general, the city has a lower violent crime rate than other large cities. Compared to the surrounding metro areas, this should be a good thing. However, if you're concerned about violent crime, Sacramento might not be for you. Nevertheless, the real estate market here is more affordable than in many other cities in California.